The 33th message from Canada: Report of stage #17

Published on 10 May 2015 at 17:11

Sunday, May 10, 2015 (Mother's Day)

Finally at the end of the day while sending him my e-mail I receive Michael's message from Canada. Coincidence or not? Read about the story:

"Upon waking I decide first to skype with my wife and with my mother also. Next I pack my gear and lubricate my bicycle chain. After handing in the key, I am on my way. It's gray and dark weather and it drizzles occasionally. 

I am cycling straight against the wind and the temperature drops too. I decide to put on my other coat and that is much better. I realize that I am almost as dressed up against the elements as I was in Newfoundland. Although the temperature is 9 degrees it feels much, much colder.


Cycling itself goes well and after an hour I ride through a beautiful area. There is not much traffic on the road till I get close to French River. Many motels are abandoned and closed.


In French River I stop at a restaurant. Inside it is very cozy and nicely warm, and the people are very friendly.


I ordered a truckers meal, also in order to make up for the breakfast that I missed. Wow, that's why they call it a truckers meal. Unbelievable how much food, and, it is really very tasty. I have a healthy appetite and eat it all.


I get up on my bicycle again to continue my ride. I have another 65 km to go. Shortly after the emergency lane narrows and there is road construction for the next 50 km. This is very draining because I have to constantly pay attention to the traffic approaching from behind. Especially the semi trucks can cause an enormous suction when they overtake me. According to me, these trucks go faster than the official speed limit of 90 km per hour.


I feel tired and exhausted. Up hill, headwind, poor and narrow emergency lanes littered with many sharp edged pebbles, busy traffic force me to be constantly on my alert.


My last stop is about 8 km before Sudbury along the side of the road. My legs feel wobbly, weak. Which makes sense because I have been on my bicycle for almost 4 hours straight.

When I enter Sudbury I feel very proud with my performance: I rode more than 100 km with headwind, many climbs, etc. – and now I am here! I stop at a Comfort Inn Hotel.

I check in, it is a beautiful hotel. I can park my bicycle in my room. Across from the hotel is an Italian restaurant. I decide to go there to eat. I am surprised by the beauty of the interior, and... by how good the food is. Delicious!


Satisfied, after watching a little TV, I fall asleep.


Han Schomakers, editor

Translation by Albert Dijkstra

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