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jose castro
5 years ago

please let me know a email to contact Michael-van-beek
my email is zedopedal@gmail.com
tks a lot
greetings from Brazil

9 years ago

Congrats on undertaking this challenge. Like you I have sarcoidosis in my lungs and have had since 1994 so really have an appreciation of what you are going through. And while the medical system does not agree I think you are on the right track with the over work - or too many hats! Enjoy your holidays with family - well deserved - Wolwoman

Robert Guthreau
9 years ago

Congrats Michael, tour complete. Strength of Hope will carry on.
It was great to meet you and follow you across Canada. All the best in the future, strength of hope.......your friend from the Rock(Newfoundland). Have a great trip home family is waiting.

Bryant Hsu
9 years ago

Hello Michael,

I met you in the skytrain today in Vancouver. I am from Taiwan originally. I am so proud to hear that you finally finish your coast to coast trip. I hope you can get home safely. Wish you all the best!!


9 years ago

Hello from the Rock!
Another province almost done. Two more to go.
Keep those wheels turning ,Strength of Hope.
Your friend, Robert

Trinette friesen
9 years ago

Go, Michael! You can do this! There's a verse in Philippians 4:13 that I remember memorizing with my kids when they were struggling with something as simple as swimming lessons. It says "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." We repeated it often that week, and it was a turn-around year for them. We pray much strength, hope, healing, and joy into you as you continue. We're cheering for you!

tim vanderburg
9 years ago

hi michael
i have been watching you every day you are doing a unbelievably job
it takes a lot of courage to get where you are hats off to you brother
when you're finished louise wants to know if you can drop by and clean the floor
keep up the great work

Leon Friesen
9 years ago

How are you guys doing ? Are you keeping dry? We met Dave the other day in Virden. He has a job and is looking for an apartment to live in. He is staying in the back of a you haul for now.. Praying for you as you travel . God is in a good mood over you. Safe travels and keep in touch

9 years ago

Hey, How are you? I am a waitress at the bar in Moosomin, SK. You had cheese burger and FF. Remember me? (More hint, I am a Korean and you spoke Korean LOL) Anyway it does not matter. I got your name card when you paid your bill. So I checked on your website. I didn't know that you are doing such a wonderful job if i know that early, I could pay for your meal! Shame on me. Anyway, I just wanted to say have a nice trip and Hope you get your own goal!

8000km Across Canada - Jakub Muda
9 years ago

Hi! We meet on a highway near Virden, I am the man who is running across Canda right now.
Good luck and hope we will achieve our goals!

9 years ago

Cheers from the rock. Ontario almost done, four more provinces to go. Keep those wheels turning. Strength of Hope......
All the best your friend from the rock.

brenda - Wawa-news.com
9 years ago

where are you? I didn't get your email till this morning... are you still in wawa

9 years ago

09/04/2015: Nou Michael, het is zover, zet 'm op. Lots of luck and be carefull!

Rian Vandepolder
9 years ago

I was diagnosed with sarcoidosis in 1994 and it seemed to go away after a couple years. I may be going through it again now. I was born in Canada, but as you can tell from my last name my family is from the Netherlands. I admire your strength in taking on this project. Sorry you are not coming through Edmonton. I will follow your progress and if there is something I can help with, I will. I will forward postings through Facebook and Twitter.
All the best!