Route Strength of Hope


It took me some time to plot the route. There are 80 stages and it is not the shortest route because I intend to take the route to Thunder bay (ca. 5000 km) in memory of Terry Fox. 


Cycling from "Coast to Coast" usually travels in a more direct line from West to East and not the other way around. This has everything to do with the average wind direction. So that is thousands of kilometres of cycling with high probability of headwind.


The route assumes that I will bike around 110 km daily . The cycling of plus 100 km per day is possible but I will have to maintain that for 80 days. Therefore I will be cycling 6 hour per day in four groups of 1.5 hours with an average speed of 18 km/h. That doesn't seem to be much but I know from experienced long distance cyclists that this is high. 


Depending on my health, I also realise that I must take rest days. In order to limit the costs as much as possible, I will travel alone and spend most nights in a tent. The first week in Newfoundland I would like to stay in Motels. I have to get used to the biking there and I can recover well then. Certainly in April, when it will still freeze at night.


Although the journey will be difficult and not without hazard I intend to enjoy every kilometre.


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