The 78th message from Canada

Published on 20 June 2015 at 22:25

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Michael and Sann received a VIPs welcome yesterday which probably means they won't be biking today. Read the report:

“I don't wake until 7:30 AM and I slept really well. After we get dressed Clinton takes us out for breakfast.


We take the Mercedes and go to a restaurant called “Whiskey Creek”. There are all kinds of local people there and Clinton knows all of them. They immediately make space at a table for us and they bring us coffee right away. I order the Bonanza breakfast which appears to be quite big with three eggs, baked ham, sausages, toast etc.

It is really wonderful that we are so welcomed in this community. We enjoy our breakfast and time flies. After breakfast Clinton takes us to his ranch where he keeps horses. He wants to see Sann ride a horse for the first time in his life. It is not far away and the ranch is reasonably large. When we go to get the horses they appear to be way in the back of the meadow on a hill. It is beautiful to see who the leader is in the group and how they react to Clinton.


Soon Sann and I are standing between all the horses. They greet us on all sides. It's a great to see how these horses react to us. We walk the horses back to the ranch where Clinton puts a saddle on the leader to have Sann ride in the pen. All goes well until Sann wants to get off. The stallion starts to buck but thankfully Sann is able to stay in the saddle. Clinton yells at the horse. He listens immediately. Thankfully no one's hurt and Clinton apologizes to Sann.


When we are about to go back, Clinton asks if I don't mind driving his truck back to the house. The truck is brand-new. It is a beautiful luxurious Chevy Silverado. I calmly drive behind Clinton in his Mercedes back to town. The truck drives really nicely!

I realize that yet again I have come into a special situation here. I have a very good connection with Clinton in some way. And he has a lot of confidence in Sann and I it seems. I find this very special.

When we are home we almost immediately leave again to a hall where Clinton's wife and kids are performing. When we arrive Kaytlyn has just finished singing. We missed hearing her. The other performances are pretty good and I genuinely enjoy it...


When Clinton takes us back home Kaytlyn and her daughters stay behind at the hall. Clinton has to continue on to Calgary for a wedding. Sann and I decide to work on our blogs. After that we take the son and the youngest daughter with us to a restaurant for lunch. We have a great time with them and they are really nice.

Around 7 o'clock at night Sann and I go back to the hall to listen to some more music; it is even better than this afternoon. I am really touched by some of the beautiful performances.

When we get back at around 9:30 we have something to eat at Kaytlyn's house and some lovely conversations. Both daughters play the grand piano and I play some guitar. When Clinton returns later in the evening we have great time singing, making music and talking. I don't get to bed until 2 am.


Tomorrow we'll continue towards Calgary”


Han Schomakers, editor

Translation by Sytske van der Veen

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