The 76th message from Canada: Personal message from Michael

Published on 19 June 2015 at 16:39

Dear followers,

In my next blog you will be able to read more about our experiences of yesterday. I'm still a little rattled by it and have a need to share that. We were shocked to see tornadoes. Thankfully tornadoes are not that prevalent in Canada, however in Saskatchewan they seem to be the norm rather than the exception.


Here is the practical information that I could find this morning. Right now I am at the Alberta Vistors and Information Centre and I have a good Internet connection.


It seems that my GPS tracker wasn't working yesterday and unfortunately you were unable to follow our trip, but you will soon read about how nerve racking it was!


Greetings, Michael


Han Schomakers, editor

Translation by Sytske van der Veen

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Lena Johnson
9 years ago

Hi Michael. I met you in Virden Manitoba at Victory Church. I like reading your blog and am interested to hear how your trip is going.
I am hoping you can make it to the Rocky Mountains and to our home in Salmon Arm BC.

Hi to Sann and safe travels.

Lena Johnson

Linda Pekrul
9 years ago

Take care while you're in Alberta as well Michael, because we also have tornadoes at this time of year. They are very nerve wracking and scary. Stay safe!