The 11th message from Canada: Personal message: What to do?

Published on 19 April 2015 at 14:39

Sunday, April 19, 2015

The past few days were heavy in may ways. After the disappointment I have been thinking a lot and figured out what is wise.




Tomorrow I will be flying to Montreal in Quebec and continue my trip there. Why?

  • I couldn't hike to the end of the island and take the boat to Nova Scotia. That really won’t help me because the circumstances aren’t any better there.
  • Flying to Saint John in New Brunswick was my first purpose. But that's very expensive (more than $600 without a bike and extra baggage). Real chances over there of major flooding due to the melting of the huge amounts of snow and the rain that the next few days are going to fall.
  • A flight to Montreal on Monday will cost just over $400 (bike included) and take me to a place where it is a relatively safe (enough) to continue.

I have been re-planning my day distances and it turns out that this is not what I came for here but I want to thank you all for your sympathy and fine words, because that has helped me to look different at it. We go for it!

Keep following me and spread the news! I will make a special 'thanks to Newfoundland' page on my website for all your lovely and friendly people of this beautiful island. Be proud!


Greetings, Michael


Han Schomakers, editor

Translation by Han Schomakers

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Robert Guthreau
9 years ago

Hats off to you Michael.Strength of Hope.will keep following you on your web page.
Robert,Hotel Gander.

pim en lia
9 years ago

Goede beslissing! Succes!

Linda Pekrul
9 years ago

So glad to hear you're taking the advice of the police. Our country can be VERY dangerous in the winter and the east coast has been hit hard this year. I've been worrying about how you were doing, so I am glad to hear you are flying to Montreal. Take care and all the best as you go forward! I live close to Calgary along the Trans Canada highway, and will be watching for you when you reach us!!