Saying goodby ...

Published on 6 April 2015 at 12:26

Yesterday I was with my father. For the last week his health is not going well and he has a lot of complaints about muscle and joint pains. Friday he turned out to have a bladder infection and he has the often cold. Because his older (and only living) sister would come along with my niece and her husband, I went over to my father to help with the business. My brother could not, but he had done it for sure. This time I had already reserved for this. It was very cozy and I saw me father (81) brighten the attention again. At 6: 15 am everyone went away again and I went home. Yet it was time to say goodbye to my dad. My father didn't really seem to be aware of the fact that I will be away for almost 4 months. For me it was a moment when I realized that it could be that the last time I will see him. He is, after all, a man at age. My father took airy goodbye like I will stand on the sidewalk again tomorrow. Travel is also quite exciting for what you leave behind….


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