The Action of Puck Voorderhake

Published on 23 March 2015 at 21:36

Although at first I thought that Puck (my niece) would made a trip for on Saturday, she was going to do that Sunday and made her one action for supporting Strength of Hope 2015. I was very happy!! Because now I could join her with it. Of course, I asked Puck if that was okay with her and if at least she would like that. And so it happened. We were going to make a Sunday bike ride from gate to gate. Yes by the Amsterdam gate in Haarlem to the Haarlem-gate in Amsterdam and back again. The weather was beautiful with a cold breeze. First headwind and later a nice breeze in the back. When I left with Puck I didn't know what she had done. Puck had her own action for Strength of Hope 2015 set up. She had a sponsor money box made by herself with all kinds of texts on it and was already gone to sponsor lookup.

We are at Halfweg (half-way in English and that's right about it because it's right between Amsterdam and Haarlem) and we visit first Anya who lives on number 21 and donated a wonderful donation that was equal to her home number. What a very nice gesture. I felt really honored and touched! Fortunately she lived not on number 1!


After that we came by a nice café ”de Herberg” and went to acquaintances of the parents of Puck. Also they gave a nice donation. Really sweet. Puck and I were allowed to have a drink but we decided just to go on cycling while it was still so nice weather. The riding went fine. Puck and I had a lot to talk about and the time flew. Before we knew it, we were in Amsterdam. We still had to drive at the Haarlem gate for about 2.3 km.

After a little while we were there and now still on the picture. A man with a baby took a picture. We succeeded and go further. Of course I wanted to have a drink with Puck and that’s what we did at the Westergasfabriek in a park in Amsterdam. Tasty soda, and then whit the wind direction on our backside we drove to Haarlem.

We were still on the way back and went along Zwanenburg. My cousin and Puck's dad, Steven were there along with my aunt (puck her grandmother) Loes. Again a very nice donation of my aunt Grandma Loes. Now we were excited what is in the box by now!! We were cycling from there in the direction of Haarlem and promised to go over the Beet bridge. But less than a hundred metres further, we talking again and we forgot the bridge and just cycled past the Beet bridge. It was much later till we remembered. With the wind at our back, we were in a split moment in Haarlem again. We drove more than 45 km by then. There we were met by Angelique and my cousin Inge. Now it's time to open the box and that was my job to do so. Puck should count the money and .... unbelievable € 136,65!! What a fantastic result.

I do not know where I am the most pleased with it; The beautiful donations or the great bike ride with Puck that partly went along pieces from my early youth, when I still lived in Zwanenburg. This is really something to be remembered on the lonely trips in Canada in the cold.

Puck thanks!!!

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