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Published on 2 May 2014 at 20:06

16 April 2014

A phone call from the Dermatologist from the hospital; Mr. van Beek I have not such good news ... you have Sarcoidosis. An auto-immune disease where no medicine for and which are usually between 1 a ' 3 year disappears. Research is needed to determine where in your body there are still more inroads. If this treatment is on your vital organs than heavy anti-inflammatories is an option. You will get a folder at home and the Assistant will schedule with you tight different investigations. 


18 April 2014

One week holiday to Turkey. The information read and recognize many characteristics of this disease and that explained a lot to me


22 April 2014

Today 20 years married. I love my wife.


23 April 2014

Pain in my ankles so violently that run nearly is not an option. I leave the fewest possible brands and lie in the Sun next to a beautiful swimming pool in a beautiful hotel. My thoughts wander off in the warm sunshine. I wonder; What if I really have Sarcoidosis and even more limited in my life? What if I turn off from work? What will I do with it? What am I going to do with it? This was the question that bring my thoughts back to the words of a young man who has impressed me a lot. I just wish that people would realise that anything is possible if you try. Dream are made if people try. The words of Terry Fox. A boy who had an artificial leg because of bone cancer and was raising money for cancer research, by running from the East to the West Coast in Canada. Daily he laid off a distance of a Marathon. An impossible task and yet .... He did it ... until the disease came back in his lungs and he had to give up after more than 5000 km. If my work is not finished yet ..... the Marathon of Hope will always continue. If I can I come back and finish it off. Unfortunately this was not awarded to him and died on 28 June 1981. He became Canada's greatest hero.

I was in Canada in 1980. I have seen him daily on TV and still am more than impressed. Canada is my country and by many setbacks in my life is I did not succeed to emigrate. That almost did happened in 2005. But because my woman do not like to leave Holland, that makes the choice a very heavy sacrifice. I've been several times in Canada. 1980, 2002, 2005, 2008, 2012 and 2013. I have family there and instinctively my roots. As a result, I am in contact with First Nations by chance and am so connected on many fronts with "My home and Native land" as the national anthem so beautiful indicates. Everything falls into place ... the words of a Chief in 2012.. my deep respect and connection me Terry Fox, the places where he and I have been unconsciously and that inner voice and recognition ... this am I going to do. Not racing but I will go from East to West by bicycle in the footsteps of Terry. More than 8000 kilometers through daily more than 100 km to go.

12th of April 2015 it is exactly 35 years ago that Terry Fox dipped his art leg in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean in St. John's Newfoundland as start of his famous Marathon of Hope.

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